What is EkoBear?

What is EkoBear?

A list of things to save the world.

If you do not change the direction in which you are heading, you will end up where you are headed.

太上玄元皇帝 a.k.a Laozi a.k.a Supremely Mysterious and Primordial Emperor 601 – 531 BCE.

A list of things to save the world? Come on. Sure, it’s a bold statement, but you know what I’m talking about. Our lethargy is a precursor to something. We don’t quite know what it will be yet, but we know that it will be nothing good.

Global heating. Climate crisis. Micro-plastics crossing the blood-brain barrier. Antibiotic resistance.

It’s a lot to think about. A lot to be anxious about. But you know, anxiety leads to fear, fear leads to hate, hate leads to all the things we hear about, read about. You know it. I know it. Yoda knew it..

Turn on the telly and every other story is telling you somebody died.

Thus: How can i reduce my Eco-footprint? Where can I find ecological products? Just because you want to try to take care of the world around you doesn’t mean to say that you have to just curl up in a ball, wear a hessian sack and read about how to make a pair of trousers out of lentils. Not that I’m opposed to pulse based couture…

This website is supposed to be a growing thing, where every time I find something interesting: a shop, a product, a café, a restaurant, a website, whatever; that I think can help me to make choices that lessen my contribution to the ecological destruction of our world, I can add it to the directory.

Others can also join the site and add things to the directory that they have found and can help in this effort.

You can create a user account and then log in and add pages for that shop you found that sells pasta by weight in paper bags or that website that shows you how to fix household appliances so that you don’t have to keep buying new stuff.

Businesses can also make a page for their, well, their business. They can make a free page or they can subscribe and add more bells and whistles to their entry.

EkoBear isn’t really any sort of philosophical endeavour, there is no agenda other than making a resource for anybody who sees that there is a problem with how we currently live, and want to do something about it on a personal level.

Like how?

I’ll take myself as an example. At home we try to avoid buying anything wrapped in plastic. It is an almost impossible task to do so. Supermarkets have realised that people don’t want to use carrier bags – so you can bring your own or buy a paper bag. Good. But no paper bags for anything else apart for bread and (sometimes) mushrooms. So I take a couple of bags from the bread area and use them for veg. I can recommend it! Maybe if they keep running out of bread bags and having loads of plastic bags left over, they’ll change their ‘customer facing loose goods bag policy’. Or whatever they call it.

We try to buy eco-friendly food. Krav in Sweden is fantastic. It’s more expensive, but people eat too much anyway – think about all the waste. Maybe it can balance out price-wise by eating just the right amount but better quality.

What really bugs me is that often products sold as eco friendly, come in plastic packaging. I understand that it often has to do with keeping produce fresh, but if you think about it, why do they have to keep the food so long. Maybe it’s time to find a small shop or stall and buy from them? The selection is probably smaller, but I doubt they sell individually shrink wrapped parsnips down the market.

We get glass bottled ketchup. Well, in fact we get Heinz ‘Chili Sauce’, which is a bit of a mystery. It’s the only ‘ketchup’ type sauce they have in a glass bottle. The ‘chili’ in it consists of 0.04% of the total, so I don’t get why they bother to call it Chili Sauce. Maybe it’s a throwback to the old days – their logo being a chili and all. There are a couple of other brands making glass bottled ketchup, but the kids think Heinz is best, so what can you do.

We try not to eat meat. My wife is a vegetarian and one kid an ‘almost’ vegetarian. The other two kids are not vegetarian but aren’t rabid carnivores anyway. I have tried being vegetarian on and off throughout my life. I tried being a vegan for a few months a couple of years ago and I am trying again at the moment.

Even in our most meaty periods we only eat meat perhaps once a week, something like that. And it’s never been all of us.

We try not to buy anything that isn’t necessary. We have a lot of old stuff. But it all works. It’s just not the latest gear. We try to buy clothes that are made with eco friendliness and fair trade in mind.

We buy second hand clothes. Although I almost never buy clothes. I usually get hand me downs when the kids out-grow me. In fact I am currently wearing a t-shirt of my wife’s and a pair of my son’s old jeans. Fortunately, I can carry it off, albeit in a mutton dressed as lamb, middle aged man looking ridiculous kind of way.

Why is it called EkoBear?

Well, everyone loves bears don’t they? Paddington. Rupert. Fozzie. And also there’s the whole panda thing…

But, enough of this rabbiting on. Check out the site. Sign up. Add some pages!

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