What can I promote on EkoBear?

The very fact that you are here means that you more or less get the gist already:

  • Shops that sell environmentally considered goods and services; natural beauty products, recycled clothes, goods made from natural materials, things that are made locally. 
  • Restaurants, cafés, bars etc.. that use locally produced or organically grown ingredients. Or that use fair trade coffee, this type of thing.
  • Businesses that try to reduce packaging waste; they might sell dry goods (rice, kidney beans etc) by weight, they might have a zero plastic bag policy.
  • Eco Hotels that meet certain basic characteristics for eco friendliness. [like this] 
  • Environmental travel: Cycling holidays (but not ones that drive your bags around), rail travel agents, local walking trails etc.
  • Websites that are useful – how to fix things, how to sew your own clothes, how to grow your own veg.


The list is endless and growing, if that’s even possible. Can something infinite increase? Anyway, you get the picture. Use common sense. If you believe it makes a difference, then others probably will too. This leads us on to…

What can’t I promote on EkoBear?

As I say, use your initiative to decide what is actually useful and what isn’t. A huge multinational burger corporation bringing out a ‘vegan’ option is not really doing its bit to save the world, and most people wouldn’t find that listing useful. A local pizzeria that has a vegan cheese option for its pies or a takeaway that has those old foil and cardboard containers instead of plastic, is better. I’m sure that no one would try to sneak a Hummer dealership on to EkoBear, but just in case:

  • No greenwashing
  • No weapons
  • No alternative medicines
  • No anti-vaccination stuff
  • Nothing overtly political (the issue is political I suppose but political organisations may not promote themselves here)
  • No cars (not even electric cars I’m afraid)
  • No airlines

That’s it. Use your nous. If in doubt, ask here.