We, Kalkidan and Vidmantas, founded the store in 2014. Our inspiration grew in travels to developing countries such as Ethiopia where we saw first hand the effects of the fast fashion industry; low wages, mass dumping, social disruption and environmental destruction. Despite the disappointing nature of of the fast fashion industry we are realists and we know that the only way to provide the opportunity for sustainable development to millions of people around the world is through jobs. That is why we committed ourselves to bringing ethical brands, as well as starting our own brand Scarves For Sustainability, to provide more options for conscious customers looking to make a positive change.

We very literally built our shop and business by hand and in doing so we know it through out. That’s why if you ever have a query we will be the ones to answer or if you are looking to source a piece of clothing we will be the ones to help you find it.

Opening our stores has been the biggest eye opener as to how limited in quality clothing traditionally available on high streets has become. With each new customer our commitment to natural and quality materials is reaffirmed as they comment and approve the quality of our collections.

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10.00 - 17.30


10.00 - 17.30


10.00 - 17.30


10.00 - 17.30


10.00 - 17.30


10.00 - 17.30


12.00 - 16.00

pop in and see us soon <3

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May 20, 2019
Special Offer



The Shwap is a boutique that you support by becoming a member shwapper – the shwap will be created and filled with ethical and sustainable fashion, sourced and curated by Sancho’s.

Each time you want something new from the Shwap – instead of paying for it you can choose to swap it with something you already own – For FREE.

If you don’t have something new as a shwapper you will be able to buy it at a fraction of the retail price… because you know membership has its perks!

Sancho’s will then take your swapped item and add it to the shwap floor! You then can go home with a lovely new addition to your collection of clothing having contributed to the shared wardrobe and having fought throw-away fashion!

A full time membership is £25 monthly payment or if you want to just trial it you can give it a go for a 1 month payment too.

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