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The map won't load and I'm getting a box 'This page has been blocked from tracking your location'. How can I fix this?

Probably one of these two things:

1] When the page first loads you may get a box asking if you want to allow the browser access to your location. You should say yes. If you have said 'no', then you will need to change this permission in your browser settings. Depending on which browser you use, it will usually be in somewhere like 'settings' or 'preferences' and then 'privacy' or 'websites'. If in doubt Ecosia it [like Googling, but they plant a tree for every search].

2] You could be looking at the non secure version of the page - the 'http' legacy version, instead of the 'https' secure modern version. Instead of typing 'ekobear.com' or 'www.ekobear.com', try 'https.//www.ekobear.com'. That should load the secure SSL version of the page. 

Why can't I post an event?

In order to post an event, you must first have created an 'item' page to which the event can be attached. For example, you have a café called The Groovy Café and have joined EkoBear with a Business account. You want to create an event for your Cake Party next week. First, you have to create a page for The Groovy Café. This will be your main page. Once you have done this, you can then create events or special offers and attach them to your Groovy Café page. Easy.

Why am I getting a 'This page is not secure' warning from the browser?

You are probably looking at the non-SSL version of the page; the 'http' version. Go to 'https://www.ekobear.com' and the page will be super SSL certified and safe.