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May 20, 2019


HOW WILL IT WORK? The Shwap is a boutique that you support by becoming a member shwapper – the shwap will be created and filled with ethical and sustainable fashion, sourced and curated by Sancho’s. Each time you want something new from the Shwap – instead of paying for it you can choose to swap it with something you already own – For FREE. If you don’t have something new as a shwapper you will be able to buy it at a fraction of the retail price… because you know membership has its perks! Sancho’s will then take your swapped item and add it to the shwap floor! You then can go home with a lovely new addition to your collection of clothing having…

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Looking for a vegan café? You want to buy fresh veg, but don't want it put in a plastic bag? You want to buy shampoo or hand soap or moisturiser, but again, you don't want it wrapped in 2 layers of plastic? You want a sweater, but don't want a garment made by children half the world away?

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